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Scott and White College of Nursing: FAQs

After being accepted to UMHB, do I need to apply to the Scott and White College of Nursing?

Yes, when you complete your admission to the University, you will indicate that you are a nursing major. You will then need to visit the Scott and White College of Nursing site and complete the nursing program application at the appropriate time. You will continue to be classified as a nursing major until you complete a specific number of semester hours toward the BSN degree, at which time you must complete the Scott and White College of Nursing application and submit it to the College of Nursing main office.  You will need to complete specific prerequisite courses and meet the required minimum GPA of 3.0 toward the BSN degree requirements. Once these criteria are met, your appliction will be considered for admission to the nursing program by the Nursing Admission/Progression/Retention Committee which makes the final determination for admission and will advise you of your status by mail.

What are the admission criteria for the Scott and White College of Nursing?

All students considered for admission to the Scott and White College of Nursing must have:

    • Above the Line (ATL) GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Completed all pre-requisite courses (may complete one additional science, Microbiology or Chemistry, in first semester)
    • A minimum of 46 semester hours completed
    • The TEAS Admission Exam completed with a minimum 65% overall score, a minimum 65% score on the Reading section, and a minimum 65% score on the Math section

Will someone help me decide what classes to take in the Scott and White College of Nursing?

Yes, you will communicate with the Dean and/or BSN Program Director until you are actually on campus. Once you are on campus, you will be assigned a nursing faculty member who will be your academic advisor. You will meet with your advisor to review your progress in the program and to determine which courses you will need to take in the subsequent semester.

What is your average class size?

The maximum class size in the very first nursing course is 120 students each Fall and Spring semester. Students are then divided into two course sections. The Board of Nursing requires no more than a 10:1 ratio of students to faculty in the clinical lab setting. In the beginning level courses the ratio is typically no more than 8:1.

What departmental organizations or honor societies can I be a part of in the Scott and White College of Nursing?

Nursing students are strongly encouraged to become members of the local chapter of the National Nursing Students Association. This organization is based on the structure of the American Nurses Association which is the professional organization for Registered Nurses. Students learn leadership skills, become aware of issues affecting the profession, and have an opportunity to participate in community service projects. Nurses Christian Fellowship is both a ministry and a professional organization for nursing students as well as Registered Nurses. Students have an opportunity to learn how to minister to patients and peers, participate in ministry projects, obtain literature related to spiritual care of patients, their families, and themselves. Tau Epsilon is the local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society. Students do not join this organization, but rather are inducted into the Society based on their GPA, leadership potential, and academic integrity.

Will I be taught by any teaching assistants?

No, full-time nursing faculty are responsible for student learning. We also have part-time nursing faculty who may teach only clinical labs. All of the faculty have at least a Master’s degree.

What is your licensing exam pass rate?

The NCLEX-RN exam pass rate varies from semester to semester, however we have ranked higher than the state and national average for many years. Our graduates have consistently done very well on the exam.

How will I know who to contact with questions about the nursing program?

Mrs. Stacy Carpenter is the Office Manager and Nursing Advisor for the Scott and White College of Nursing. She will field your questions and either answer your questions or determine who to connect you with to have your questions answered.

What career opportunities await me with a BSN degree?

The BSN degree is designed to prepare graduates for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam preparing them as entry level professionals in a generalist role. Following graduation, the nurse may determine he/she is primarily interested in a certain area of nursing and wants to focus their efforts to that area. The nurse may then “certify” in a specialty area, obtain a MSN degree and become a Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Nurse Specialist---or continue to practice as a generalist with the BSN degree. The BSN degree prepares graduates to work both in acute care agencies such as hospitals, or in community settings such as clinics, schools, industrial sites, etc.

Can I apply for any departmental scholarships?

All scholarships/loans, etc. are handled through the University's Financial Aid Department. Nursing majors are eligible for any assistance that any major would be.After students complete their first semester of clinical lab courses, they become eligible for scholarships provided by area hospitals, the District Nurses Association, the Nursing Students Association and a variety of other individual or organizationally sponsored scholarships. Many hospitals will also provide scholarships through a program in which the student agrees to work for the hospital following graduation for a specific period of time, usually a 2:1 ratio, i.e. for each year of nursing courses they pay tuition for, the graduate would work for them for two years following graduation.

For additional information on scholarships for nursing students, visit the Nursing website at or

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