Student Testimonials

  • Kathleen Shelton, vocal performance Major
    The UMHB Music Department has shaped me into the person, musician, and performer I am today! I thrive in the smaller classes where I receive one-on-one attention from the dedicated faculty. With the wide array of opportunities UMHB has provided, I have been able to study with amazing teachers and conductors, perform with professional orchestras, and receive lead roles starting my freshman year.
  • Cristal Conner, Music Education Major
    I chose to attend UMHB not only because of its fantastic music faculty, but also because of the spiritual education it provides. Not only am I preparing for my future as an educator, I am growing as a Christian and developing wonderful life skills that enhance what is taught in the class room. Dr. Roueché and Mr. Crosby (the choir directors) have an incredible passion for music and an amazing love for the Lord. Being under their instruction has truly been a blessing for me.