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Current Season

Broadway Revue2017 BROADWAY REVUE

Presented By: UMHB Musical Theater

Conductor: George Hogan
Director: Penny Hogan

Brief Description: "An Evening of Rodgers & Hammerstein Classics"
Come celebrate Homecoming Weekend in our brand new Performing Arts Center. Hear current students, alumni and even Mr. & Mrs. Hogan as they sing and perform Broadway hits from South Pacific, Oklahoma, Sound of Music, Carousel, The King & I, and State Fair.  Featuring a 50 piece orchestra. This production will also be a part of the UMHB Homecoming Weekend. 

Ticket Price: $5 (FAE event)

Performance Dates:
October 21 • 7:30pm
October 22 • 2:30pm 

Sue & Frank Mayborn Performing Arts Center • Baugh Performance Hall

THE THREE LITTLE PIGS - a children's opera

Presented By: UMHB OPERA CRU (Children's Opera)

Writer: John Davies
Director: George Hogan
Piano: Nelda Milligan


(An operatic version of the story of The Three Little Pigs based on scenes from operas by W. A. Mozart.)

While pigs Giovanna and Cher set off to make homes of sticks and straw, their sister, Despina, goes to the library to read up on "huff-proof, puff-proof" home construction. After Wolfgang Bigbad (The Big Bad Wolf) blows down Giovanna and Cher’s flimsy homes, they run to their sister’s sturdy new brick house for safety from Wolfgang Bigbad.  After surviving Wolfgang Bigbad’s huffing and puffing, both Giovanna and Cher are quite ready to admit that going to the library and reading books is a pretty smart thing to do after all.

Performance Dates:
October 24, 25, 26, 27
For more information, call (254) 295-4680.

CAC | BHS | UMHB Hughes Recital Hall


Old Maid and the ThiefPresented By: UMHB Opera

Music & Libretto: Gian-Carlo Menotti
Stage Director: Penny Hogan
Conductor: George Hogan

About the Opera:
The Old Maid and the Thief was originally conceived as a Radio-Opera.  Composed into fourteen scenes, and lasting only 60 minutes it made its World Premiere broadcast via NBC Radio on April 22, 1939.   The UMHB Opera will incorporate the original radio broadcast element into their fully staged production. 

Ticket Price: $10 (FAE event)

Performance Dates:
April 13 • 7:30pm
April 15 • 2:30pm 

Sue & Frank Mayborn Performing Arts Center • Baugh Performance Hall