Humanities Group

Frequently Asked Questions

As a prospective student, may I visit a class?

Class visitations by prospective students are encouraged, but should be prearranged by contacting the chair of the Department or the instructor of the class to be visited.

Will someone help me decide what classes to take in the College of Humanities?

Yes. Each student is assigned an advisor to assist students in course selection.

What is your average class size?

Class sizes in the College will vary. A few classes may have an enrollment of 50, but the average class size in the college is approximately 25. Upper level classes tend to have smaller enrollments than lower level classes.

Can I apply for departmental scholarships?

Yes. Departments in the College of Humanities have several scholarships specifically for the majors. For details see specific major.

Will my classes be taught by a teaching assistant?

No. The College of Humanities does not use teaching assistants to teach classes. Each class is taught by a qualified instructor with a minimum of a Master's degree. Most classes are taught by faculty with Ph.D. degrees in their field of specialization.

What departmental organizations and/or honor societies can I be a part of in the College of Humanities?

All of the departments in the College of Humanities sponsor student organizations and/or honor societies associated with their majors. These student organizations and /or honor societies are too numerous to list here, but can be found in the UMHB catalog under the specific department.

What percentages of your students are accepted into graduate school?

The majority of our students do not apply to graduate school, but pursue employment instead. The percentage of students accepted into graduate school will vary from department to department and from year to year. The percentage accepted is usually quite high.

Is it possible to become involved in research in the College of Humanities?

Many of the faculty members are involved in original research. Interested students occasionally get the opportunity to participate in this research through honors projects and special topics courses.