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EXSSMajor in Pre-Physical Therapy in Exercise Science, B.S. degree

The field of physical therapy is very attractive field to pursue in academics because of the current need for practicing PT’s in all areas of the country.  In the Fall of 2009, a major in Pre-Physical Therapy (Pre-PT) was created to combine the Exercise Science discipline with the required pre-requisite courses that are required for entry into Doctor of Physical Therapy programs. The Exercise Science discipline at UMHB is at the forefront of the profession with outstanding faculty, facilities, and laboratories, and Pre-PT majors will benefit from these resources for high quality instruction.  

Desirable outcomes for the individual expected to result from this major are a greater understanding of human performance and health from a physiological, anatomical, kinesiological, and functional standpoint. This, in addition to completion of all the math/lab science pre-requisite courses, will prepare each student for graduate school in PT.  In addition, the EXSS department faculty strongly believes that the major courses in exercise science are the ideal fit for a potential PT student because it will integrate movement sciences, exercise testing and intervention, pathophysiology of disease, and the role of exercise in health, wellness, rehab, and performance. 

All Pre-PT majors will be carefully advised in their pursuit of bachelor’s degree, but it will be made clear to every Pre-PT major how important it is to have excellent grades in order to get into PT school.  Admission to PT school is very competitive not only in Texas but all over the country.  Students will be encouraged to aim for an overall GPA of 3.5-4.0 in their undergraduate studies in order to increase their chances of admittance.  In addition, students will be advised to gain volunteer observation hours under a practicing PT in order to learn more about the day-to-day routine of a PT. 

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Pre-Physical Therapy Major Overview

Students can declare as a Pre-Physical Therapy major at any time if they have completed less than 60 hours of course work. Following the completion of 60 hours, a Pre-Physical Therapy major is required to maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA. A student who has a GPA lower than the minimum requirements will be required to change their major from Pre-Physical Therapy. Once 60 hours is complete towards a Pre-Physical Therapy degree, students must maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA. If the student drops below a 3.0 following 60 hours of coursework then the student must change their major to another field of study.

A major in Pre-Physical Therapy in Exercise Science is 74 semester hours consisting of EXSS department courses including: Intro to Exercise & Sport Science, Medical Terminology, Sport Nutrition, Pharmacology in Sport, Anatomical Kinesiology, Physiology of Exercise I & II, Test & Measurements, Exercise Testing & Prescription, and Seminar in PrePT. All EXSS majors are required to take EXSS 3135 and 3107, which will satisfy the Core Activity PE requirement at UMHB.  Required support courses for this major include General Biology I, Anatomy and Physiology I & II, as well as one other upper-level BIOL course with a lab; General Chemistry I & II, General Physics I & II, College Algebra, Statistics, General Psychology, and either Abnormal or Developmental Psychology. Grades of "C" or better required in all courses in the Pre-Physical Therapy major.

Where are they now?

Below is a list of previous UMHB Pre-Physical Therapy in Exercise Science majors that are currently pursuing their Doctorate of Physical Therapy (and other related programs) degrees:

UMHB 2014-2015 Class:

  • Sarah Benz (Accepted into the DPT program at UMHB)
  • Jeremy Corbin (Accepted into the DPT program at UMHB)
  • Jacob Davis (Accepted into the DPT program at UMHB)
  • Ian Ekery (Accepted into the DPT program at UMHB)
  • Megan Purswell (Accepted into the DPT program at UMHB)
  • Simone Moreno (Accepted into the DPT program at University of Texas Medical Branch)
  • Kaitlyn Zettler (Accepted into the DPT program at UMHB)

UMHB 2013-2014 Class:

  • Zach Bailey (Pursing DPT at Texas Womens University-Dallas)
  • Janelle Daman (Pursing DPT at  UT-Southwestern Medical Center)
  • Caitlyn Dobbs (Pursing DPT at Texas Womens University-Dallas)
  • Stephanie Harris (Pursing DPT at UT-Southwestern Medical Center)
  • Emily Lane (Pursing DPT at University of Texas Medical Branch)
  • Ashley Mitchell (Pursing DPT at University of Texas Medical Branch)
  • Daniel Horstman (Accepted into the DPT program at UMHB)
  • Michael Teague (Pursuing DPT at Hardin Simmons University)

 UMHB 2012-2013 Graduates:

  • Morgan Baker (Pursuing DPT at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center)
  • Sarah Hayward, M.S. (Accepted into the DPT program at UMHB)
  • Mark Jones (Pursuing DPT at University of Texas Medical Branch)
  • Zachary Mustafa (Pursuing DPT at Texas State University)
  • Macy NeSmith (Pursuing DPT at University of North Texas Health Science Center)
  • Kathryn Ralph (Pursuing DPT at Hardin Simmons University)
  • Ashley Schlieper (Pursuing DPT at Texas State University)

 UMHB 2011-2012 Graduates:

  • Traci Bekklund, M.S. (Completed her Master of Prosthetics/Orthotics at UT-Southwestern Medical Center)
  • Khim Owens (Pursuing DPT at St. Augustine University)
  • Kyle Radtke, DPT (Completed his DPT at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio)

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