English Department Group

Professional Development Track

First Semester: Introduction to the English Major

  • Job Exploration
  • Register for Career Services (CruConnection)
  • Strong Inventory
  • Career Marketing Basics
  • Initiate Professional Portfolio

Subsequent Fall Semester: Preparatory Steps

  • Apply for Apprentice Belton prior to October deadline (non-certification students only).
  • Observe a professional job fair – submit the Career Fair Observation form. This should address what information you gained from this experience which will be beneficial when you attend a job fair for interviewing purposes (see “Capstone Semester” below).

Subsequent Spring Semester: Apprentice/Job Shadow

  • Non-Certification Students: Apprentice Belton program (Jan-April) and submit the Summative Review Form upon completion.
  • Certification Students: EDUC 4385 - Educational Internship. Submit the Summative Review Form upon completion of the course – Can take semester prior to Capstone.

Semester Prior to Capstone: Skills Preparation

  • Non-Certification Students: Apply for internship no later than October 15 in the Fall and March 15 in the Spring, with the internship to be served during the Capstone semester. Select the internship that most interests you from the choices below, and click on the title of the organization to fill out the application form. If an organization will accept only one intern and receives multiple applicants, the organization will choose to whom they will award the internship. 

  • All Majors: Attend a Mock or Speed Interview via Career Services. Submit a copy of the feedback form upon completion.

Capstone Semester

  • Certification Students: Student Teaching (Internship)
  • Non-Certification Students: Off-campus Internship (see list above)
  • Interview at a Job Fair (see Career Services schedule)—submit the Career Fair Interview Form.
  • Complete ENGL 4100—Capstone to the English Major AND ENGL 4185—English Internship