English Department Group

Distinctive Learning Experiences



The English program provides a foundation in rhetorical theory. We offer in-depth skills development in both literary analysis and writing, which our students use for their vocations, continuing education, or personal development. Our curriculum features

  • Literary analysis
  • Literary theory
  • American and British Literature surveys
  • World and African-American Literature
  • Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Milton
  • Studies of major authors and genres
  • Advanced Rhetoric
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Advanced Composition
  • Creative Writing 

Career Prep

In addition to theoretical knowledge, our program addresses practical applications of English. This begins in the Intro to the Major course, which addresses professional training and career preparation at the beginning of each Major's coursework. Our Senior Capstone and Internship Experiences require upcoming graduates to compose a professional portfolio, take certification exams or other professional licensing, present work in a public forum, and develop on-the-job skills in one of a variety of professional fields. Our program effectively prepares majors to  

  • Communicate effectively
  • Think critically
  • Utilize civic engagement
  • Think with a global perspective
  • Acquire broad interests
  • Prepare for a vocation