Exit Requirements

ESOL courses are intended to prepare students for a smooth and successful transition to the regular courses offered at UMHB.  A numeric grade of 75 is the minimum required to be eligible to exit ESOL. Any score below a 75 indicates the need for continued ESOL. The requirements for acceptance as a regular degree-seeking student should be discussed with Dr. Liu. 

 In order to progress from the ESOL program to other classes, a student must meet all of the following exit requirements:        

  1. Score at or above the designated cut-off score (as described below) on the English Proficiency Test.*
  2. Score at least 75 percent in all ESOL classes. It is quite possible to “pass” the class without “passing” ESOL requirements.
  3. Pass an oral interview with a team of UMHB faculty members.

The interview team will evaluate the communication skills of the student and make the decision as to whether the student can be released to all regular classes or remain in a specified number of ESOL courses. Students must enroll in all ESOL courses recommended by this interview team.

After an ESOL student has completed these exit requirements, he or she will be released from ESOL. 

*The English Proficiency Test has several sections.

Graduate Students

Contact the ESOL Director for specific exit proficiency requirements for each program.

All Undergraduate Students

Accuplacer ESL Reading: 90        Accuplacer ESL Listening: 90              Writing: 8 out of 10

Accuplacer ESL Sample Questions

If you would like to see sample questions of the Classic Accuplacer ESL, please visit:

Dr. Haedy Liu, ESOL Director
Address:  900 College Street | Belton, TX 76513
Phone: (254) 295-4948