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Meet Our Students - Alumni

Bethany Carter

Christian Ministry Major, UMHB
Missionary to Military Teens in Belgium

My time in the Christian Ministry Program at UMHB was invaluable to my ministry today. Scripture became real to me in my classes. Stories I had learned from my childhood now have had context, purpose, and physical places attached to them. My love and knowledge of Scripture grew and flourished while in the Christian Studies community. But more than that, I learned how to communicate this passion and knowledge effectively to my students. One of the biggest compliments I get from both students and parents is that they love my talks and Bible Studies; they say that they learn new things each time that we gather that bring make the Bible come alive for them. I owe this to my time at UMHB and to my wonderful professors. 

Evan Duncan

Christian Studies Major, UMHB
Graduate Student, Truett Theological Seminary
Media and Communications Director, First Baptist Church, Temple

I came to college, like most 18-year-olds, unsure of who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do. In my first year, I found myself in Old Testament Survey and Introduction to Philosophy. I realized that I had a thirst for knowledge about God and humanity – and I began pursuing a degree in Theology/Philosophy. I learned that it was good to ask questions of my faith, and spent countless hours in libraries and professor’s offices where wrestling with things like the problem of evil. My time at UMHB taught me about God and ministry in both profound in practical ways. I worked alongside Dr. Hood on actual ancient manuscripts of the New Testament and helped present our findings to Biblical scholars. I learned to love Augustine, Kant, Kierkegaard, and Dostoyevsky thanks to Dr. Robinson. I translated Scripture from Greek to English and went from questioning women in church leadership to appreciating them.

In my internships I served as a youth pastor to military kids in Germany, and told the stories of orphans who God and the church deeply loved in Haiti. I was transformed by learning. It was in the Christian Studies Program that I heard my call to ministry. I knew that I was to use my passion and creativity to pursue truth and communicate the Gospel. At the end of my senior year, I applied to graduate school and sent emails to churches with my resume. Every church I contacted offered me a job. Last spring I married the woman I sat next to in nearly every Christian Studies class – she’s absolutely brilliant. I hope to become a teaching and creative arts pastor, but currently I oversee all communications and marketing at the church, while helping with worship planning and discipleship. I also preach and write as much as I can. I know now what God has called me to, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Austin Fischer

Christian Studies Major, UMHB
Graduate Studies, Truett Theological Seminary
Teaching Pastor, Vista Community Church

My training at Mary Hardin-Baylor gave me the tools I needed to wade out into the waters. I learned how to read the Scriptures well, communicate complex ideas in precise ways, and observe the hand of God at work around me. I am forever grateful for these things and countless others. As someone who currently ministers to many young adults and college students, I feel inadequate and yet deeply confident because of the training I’ve received.

Dallas Flippin

Christian Studies Major, UMHB
Ph.D. Student at Marquette University

As a current doctoral student in religious studies, I am grateful for the solid theological foundation that I received at UMHB from the College of Christian Studies. The community is exceptional. The professors show genuine interest in the students’ academic and spiritual growth. Likewise, the students share true camaraderie.  In my experience with M.Div. and Ph.D. programs, I have felt that my biblical language background far exceeded that of many of my peers. Whether you are seeking a strong Christian foundation for life long self-study or plan to continue your religious education in graduate school, UMHB’s College of Christian Studies will equip you and encourage you on your journey.

Yvonne Harold

Christian Ministries Major, UMHB
Graduate Student, Logsdon Theological Seminary

The Christian Ministries Program at UMHB was such a blessing to me. I learned so much about myself and ministry. The professors were awesome. They challenged me to think, to analyze, and to know where I stood and why. Each one of the professors is different, which provides a balance to the program. Whether I needed help with a question, concerns, or advice in general they were there willing to assist. I learned to analyze and think, and to view ministry from a broad perspective.

The environment in the Christian Studies Department was one that promoted growth, learning, fellowship, friendship, and service. There were plenty of opportunities to be active in ministry and to attend conferences and retreats. Because of participating in these activities my life was transformed and has never been the same. This is the reason why I am currently a seminary student and will become a chaplain once I graduate. I believe that I received at UMHB everything needed to serve as the Lord has called me and more confidently “shepherd His people”.      

Landon Hebison

Double Major in Christian Studies and History with a minor in Biblical Languages, UMHB
Graduate Students, Truett Theological Seminary

As I reflect on my time at UMHB, I am extremely grateful for the professors I was able to sit under and learn from--professors who are passionate about the church. This past May I began working at Miller Heights Baptist Church as the Associate Pastor and Student Minister and this past August I started attending seminary. In every way I am still a work in progress, but I am thankful for my time at UMHB and the preparation I received there.

Kristin Mercer

Christian Studies Major, UMHB
Graduate Student, Truett Theological Seminary
Youth/Children's Intern at Immanuel Baptist Church

I loved the community in the College of Christian Studies. Fellow students are now my brothers and sisters, and professors are my extra parents. This community formed a wonderful place for me to learn both inside and outside the classroom. I am very thankful that I got to learn from such godly, knowledgeable, and fun professors. 

Edwin Robinson

Christian Studies Major, UMHB
Graduate, Divinity School of Duke University
Associate Pastor of Young Adults and Singles at Concord Church in Dallas, Texas

When I began my studies at UMHB, I had no thoughts of going on to graduate school, but through the prompting of professors like Dr. Michael Robinson, Dr. Renate Hood, and Dr. Carol Holcomb I found myself with applications to Yale Divinity School, Princeton Theological Seminary, University of Chicago Divinity School, and of course The Divinity School at Duke University in front of me.

The first class I took that really made me feel like I was in the right place was Dr. Holcomb’s Church History course. When I enrolled in Dr. Robinson’s Doctrine of Revelation class the following semester my life would never be the same. He exposed me to the world of sincere thought concerning the Bible. He also was one of the first professors, or people for that matter, to answer a question about God with these three magic words: “I don’t know.” I later found myself in Dr. Hood’s class about the Book of Revelation. As I raised certain objections with the assertions made by the commentator she chose for the class she did not dismiss my questions or arguments but simply said, “You’re going to be a theologian.” In the Christian Studies Department of UMHB I found some professors who saw me for who I was. Even more than that, they saw me for who I could be.

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