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Studies in Philosophy and Philosophy Minor

Studies in Philosophy

Are you interested in studying philosophical concepts? Or perhaps you would like to explore Philosophy of Religion or Moral Philosophy? Then our studies in Philosophy as part of our BA in Christian Studies is for you. 

The BA in Christian Studies allows you flexibility in course selections. Courses in Philosophy will prepare you best for a future of teaching and sharing philosophical concepts that have shaped and continue to shape the church and society. We offer a variety of philosophy courses. 

The overall Christian Studies curriculum provides courses that will ground you in areas that form and support you in your pursuit of philosophy. Additional course electives in the areas of Theology, Christian Ministry, Biblical Studies, Church History, and Biblical Archaeology enable further exploration of your interests and preparation for your vocation. 

Philosophy Minor

Are you interested in digging in deeper into philosophy only? Then our Philosophy Minor is for you. Take time to contemplate and investigate key philosphical concepts.

The Philosphy Minor is 18 semester hours consisting of an introduction to philosophy course, a critical reasoning course, and 12 hours of philosophy courses.

Student Oriented - Academically Focused - Biblically Grounded