College of Business


Sarah Harvey
2018 - Student

I am thankful for the valuable ways UMHB’s school of business has molded me spiritually and educationally. The professors in the program have cared for me and my family in ways I never expected. For instance, when Hurricane Harvey hit my hometown area, I gathered supplies and funds to bring needed materials down to the area. Several professors contacted me to pitch in or give encouragement. Then, week after – when all the nation seemed to move on – they continued to check in on me and my family. The people of UMHB’s business school are more than simply educators, they are family. They have pushed me to better my skills in business and have encouraged me to live a mission-minded life. Truly, I couldn’t imagine being any place other than the McLane College of Business at UMHB.

Adrian Beard
2012 - Alumni

Throughout my years at UMHB I developed skills that lead to success in my professional career.  The BCIS program taught me how to effectively work in a team environment and understand group dynamics. I also learned how to adapt to an ever-changing workplace, and be open to learning new things. Being able to connect and relate to people on a professional and personal level is a valuable skill in many professions. Through the curriculum and diverse background of the faculty, I was exposed to a variety of IT industry essentials, including, but not limited to software development, project management, system design, and database design. Thanks to the strong foundation I received from the BCIS program, I have been able to steadily grow and expand my career opportunities.

Grace Adams
2017 - Student

In the spring of 2016 I had the opportunity to intern with PricewaterhouseCoopers, the largest financial services firm globally. As an audit intern I had the opportunity to work on audits for three different clients: one mutual funds company, one private equity company, and one privately owned solar energy company. My classes at UMHB prepared me for this internship by giving me a strong foundation and understanding of not only accounting skills, but also social and writing skills in a business setting. There were over 100 other interns from all over Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana including schools like A&M and UT, but there was never a point at which I felt less prepared or less qualified than anyone else from any other school. The McLane College of Business prepares its students very well for every aspect of our future careers and gives us the unique experience of a Christ-based business foundation in a secular business world.

Xanthe Gentry
2017 - Alumni

I graduated from UMHB in 2017 with a marketing degree and was blessed to start working for PepsiCo as an account manager after graduation. UMHB and the McLane College of Business helped refine my skills and prepared me for working at Pepsi in many ways. From learning how to make pivot tables in Excel (which I use every day), to knowing how to strategize growth plans for my account, and even how to properly create a résumé; I learned it all at UMHB. I am forever grateful for the knowledge, experiences, and connections UMHB provided me because without them I probably would not be where I am today.

Sarah Duvall
- Alumni

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost 15 years since I took my first class in the McLane College of Business. My career at UMHB started with an Into to Business class with Mrs. Harper and concluded with my MBA practicum under the guidance of Dr. Fox. During those six years I learned the that there is more to accounting than just a balanced spreadsheet. The faculty taught me to understand how to properly conduct business, but even more importantly they taught me why that was important. I was taught that following Christ’s example is equally important for the CEO and the Senior Pastor. My first job was in the Internal Audit Department at Scott & White Memorial Hospital. There, I was able to use my accounting, business, and ethics education to assist with training and establishing internal controls across the organization. My MBA practicum followed the creation of a tool for the Corporate Compliance Department to review coding practices of physicians. I have been the Business Manager at First Baptist Belton since 2011. Each year my roll has taken on new responsibilities and challenges. My diverse education at the McLane College of Business prepared me to wear each of these hats with great success. I will forever be grateful and reflect fondly on my time at UMHB especially because of the faculty and advisors who prepared me for my future in business.