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International Business

“Going on international trips with the College of Business makes what you do in the classroom come alive. Coming to the realization that what I am learning in the classroom can really make a difference in the world has changed my outlook on life and education.”
- Mark (Tommy) Wilson ’11, International Business major

Germany Study AbroadA degree in International Business prepares students to make valuable contributions in various types of organizations such as multinational corporations, international nonprofit agencies, government foreign service, and even small- and medium-sized firms beginning to expand internationally.

International Business emphasizes thinking globally about today’s business environment, understanding cultural similarities and differences, and being prepared to conduct business in the expanding global economy.

Special Features

  • International trips for academic credit are regularly offered. Past opportunities have included trips to Ecuador, Costa Rica, Canada, China, and Morocco, among others.
  • Study abroad opportunities which cultivate a global perspective are also available and highly encouraged.

Catalog Information

“Studying abroad with the College of Business at UMHB has been one of my greatest and enlightening experiences during my undergraduate years. I loved the way that we were able to experience another culture and broaden our perspectives of the world as a part of the well-rounded instruction that we received as Crusaders.”
- Tobin Davies ’12, International Business major