College of Business

Frequently Asked Questions

After being accepted to UMHB, do I need to apply to the McLane College of Business?

Yes, in order to take upper level business courses, a student must be accepted into the McLane College of Business. 

As a prospective student, may I visit a class?

Yes, prospective students are always welcome to visit classes. It is requested that such visits be coordinated through the University’s recruiting office or the McLane College of Business office.

Will someone help me decide what classes to take in the McLane College of Business?

Yes, every student that is admitted to the McLane College of Business is assigned an advisor in their major field of study.

Can I apply for any departmental scholarships?

Yes, scholarships are available to majors in the McLane College of Business. Please contact the Financial Aid office at UMHB for additional information.

What is your average class size?

The average class size for classes in the McLane College of Business is approximately 20.

Does the McLane College of Business have any Study Abroad opportunities?

Yes. In addition to the Study Abroad opportunities available to all UMHB students, McLane College of Business undergraduate students have at least two Study Abroad opportunities each year. Normally there is one for-credit business study trip over Spring Break and another during Summer School. On occasion there have been trips between Fall and Spring semesters as well as an additional trip during Summer School.

Will I have an internship requirement for the McLane College of  Business?

All McLane College of Business majors are required to have 300 hours of practical work experience after they have been accepted into the McLane College of Business. These 300 hours may be earned through a formal Internship program. They may also be earned through apprenticeships, full-time employment, part-time employment, volunteer efforts, international experiences and/or student teaching.

What departmental organizations or honor societies can I be a part of in the McLane College of Business?

Every department in the McLane College of Business has at least one organization in which its majors may participate. The McLane College of Business strongly encourages such participation as another form of professional growth.

Will I be taught by any teaching assistants?

The McLane College of Business does not currently employ any teaching assistants.

Does the McLane College of Business have any niche educational opportunities?

Yes.  While each of the departments in the McLane College of Business has its own niche – and each should be investigated when you are on campus, the McLane College of Business overall has one specific niche with two focuses. The specific niche is the development and management of the small enterprise. This is seen in the very popular Entrepreneurship specialization as well as through the focus on microenterprises in the International Business specialization. Both of these specializations are open to all majors in the McLane College of Business.

Will my undergraduate program of study in the McLane College of Business prepare me for graduate study?

Absolutely. All undergraduate programs in the McLane College of Business are designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the marketplace as well as to prepare those same students for graduate study.

Are there any other distinctives that help the McLane College of Business stand out?

Absolutely. The McLane College of Business at UMHB was the first small institution business school/college to be recognized as a scholastic partner by the Wall Street Journal. Only the top business programs in the country have been recognized as such.

Does the McLane College of Business ever bring in guest speakers to talk to classes?

Absolutely. Most classes will have at least one guest speaker each semester. In addition to those speakers, the McLane College of Business hosts a Distinguished Speaker Series each year.  Recent Distinguished Speakers of note include Zig Ziglar, Ken Blanchard and former President George H.W. Bush.