College of Business

Department of Business Administration

The primary undergraduate degree offered by the McLane College of Business is the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) with a choice of a major in Accounting, Business Computer Information Systems, Economics, Finance, International Business, Management, or Marketing. Because the B.B.A. is a professional degree, it is the degree of choice for students who want to be recognized professionally as business school graduates. The B.B.A. best prepares students for graduate studies in business, international business, economics, organization management, leadership and law.

B.B.A. students have the option of earning a second major in any of the business major areas, a minor in any of the business minor areas, a specialization in cross-function areas such as faith-based social entrepreneurship, electronic commerce and global commerce, or a minor in any other academic area offered at UMHB. Because of the competitive advantage of having a second field of study, students are urged to consider at least one of these options. Students not pursuing one of these options are required by the degree plan to earn nine (9) hours of upper level McLane College of Business electives.

Students must have a 2.5 GPA in their major field in order to complete the fulfillment of the major requirements for graduation.

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