Department of Biology


Jade Blair
Spring 2013 - Alumni

As I begin the second year of my journey to earn a DDS at the UT School of Dentistry at Houston, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the biology department at UMHB. When I say I couldn’t have done it without them, I mean it – both getting into dental school, and begin successful thus far. Much of the course work in dental school has proved to be a review of sorts of the material learned in undergrad. For example, we’ve had various lectures on developmental biology, cell biology, microbiology and immunology. While numerous classmates have not been exposed to one or more of these, I’ve been a step ahead with background knowledge in each of them. It has made a world of difference for my learning and I can better understand how each is involved specifically in dentistry. The UMHB biology department not only provided knowledge, but with the various labs and research presentations, they helped to refine my time management and critical thinking skills, both of which are essential in dental school (or any post grad program for that matter). As an added bonus to the top-notch education, the relationships I built with the professors are ones I will treasure forever. I couldn’t dream of a more compassionate, encouraging group of professors to learn from, they are truly a joy. A big thank you from the very bottom of my heart to each of the biology professors. You are truly a blessing!

Sarah Zachary
Spring 2013 - Alumni

My journey to UMHB started in high school when I realized my passion for the sciences and caring for others would be best applied in a career in medicine, more specifically as a Physician Assistant. During many hours of researching undergraduate biology programs, the quality and character of UMHB's curriculum stood above the rest. My expectations were surpassed as I participated in the program! The biology faculty challenged me to greater levels than I knew were possible. The mentorship, interview practice, and research opportunities provided through the biology faculty enabled me to be well-prepared for PA school. When it came time to apply, I was overwhelmed by the positive response from all of the PA schools I applied to. I never would have dreamed I would be training at Baylor College of Medicine in the largest medical center in the world. I owe so much to UMHB for their dedication to student success and development. Thank you for helping to make my goals a reality!

Kathryn McMillan
2016 - Alumni

I am working at UT Southwestern in their Center for Mineral Metabolism and Clinical Research on a study of α-Klotho and chronic kidney disease. I work under Dr. Hu, who is one the leading researchers in α-Klotho. 

Working in the Cell Biology lab definitely prepared me for this job. Because I already had learned so much background information and mastered so many basic lab skills, I could really just focus on learning how to run immunohistochemistry here. I would say the most helpful classes I took at UMHB for this job were Cell Biology, Immunology, Survey of Contemporary Biological Research, Developmental Biology, and Genetics. Thank you for everything you've done to help me get here. It's exciting research, and I really do like working here!

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