Department of Biology

Job Description for Microbiology Lab Prep

In general, this job takes about 9 hours per week, more or less. It requires a student who is a Biology or Chemistry major with a high GPA in their science courses and a knowledge of general laboratory procedures. This student must be dependable, to include the completion of all laboratory assignments on time. The student must also be meticulous and detail-oriented. Such a student must be willing to spend the time necessary to prepare media and other lab materials for the microbiology and bacteriology labs scheduled for the week. The job is not done until that preparation is finished. 

The job also includes collecting and disposing of contaminated materials in an appropriate manner, washing/cleaning glassware and pipettes, being familiar with any hazardous material in the lab and exercising appropriate care in handling such material. There may be additional tasks required in any given week. Dr. Joni Ylostalo is the primary contact person and supervisor for this position.

Departmental Contact: Dr. Kathleen Wood (
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